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MachineWare is a provider of high-speed instruction set simulators, including RISC-V full-system simulators. Our technologies enable ultra-fast software bring-up and validation before physical hardware is available. We are headquartered in Aachen, Germany.

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We provide leading-edge RISC-V simulation technologies enabling you to build more resilient and more efficient software.


Embedded Software Debug

Debug your embedded application better than on physical hardware by virtualizing your design. Virtual hardware offers deeper introspection, more flexibility, and it's faster.


Continuous Integration

Test every commit. Integrate our virtual hardware directly into your CI pipeline. Adapt it to your needs with scriptable fault injection. We support Jenkins, Gitlab, and more.


Performance Analysis

Where do you spend your cycles? Profile your application to identify hotspots, slow code paths and hardware bottlenecks. Visualize results and share them with your teams.



Simulate at scale. Take advantage of our APIs to roll out your simulation infrastructure on-premise or in the cloud. Parallelize your tests and reap results sooner.


Hardware/Software Co-Design

No hardware yet? No problem! Let your hardware and software evolve together by adapting our simulator early. Enhance cross team communication with a shared tool.



Integrate easily. We base on SystemC TLM-2.0 to support industry-standard tools and models. Let us customize our products for you, to fit your ecosystem seamlessly.


MachineWare's flagship product is SIM-V, an ultra-fast functional simulator for the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture. We provide targeted SIM-V variants to optimally address your use case.

SIM-V Compute

SIM-V Compute targets the design and development of high-performance 64-bit RISC-V systems that execute complex software stacks with a rich OS and powerful APIs. In hardware-dependent software and firmware, hard-to-find bugs and security vulnerabilities are only exposed by simulating the system in its entirety.

SIM-V Edge

The modern world is defined by small, embedded devices living at the edge of the cloud. These devices rely on interconnectivity to deliver their full potential, but also expose themselves as a security liability. With SIM-V Edge designing and developing your secure 32-bit RISC-V edge computing device becomes a breeze.


SIM-V is based on MachineWare's novel core technologies to enable maximum performance and seamless model integration.


VCML Virtual Components Modeling Library

VCML is MachineWare's free and open-source (Apache 2.0) SystemC TLM-2.0 modeling library. It comes with a wide selection of off-the-shelf models for commonly required components, such as buses, memories, timers and I/O controllers, for example for Ethernet, PCI/e and VIRTIO. If what you need is not already there, VCML provides useful building blocks for rapid bring-up of your proprietary models. Every model built with VCML automatically integrates into MachineWare's rich introspection, trace, and analysis tool suite without additional effort. Furthermore, VCML is fully SystemC TLM-2.0 standard-compliant and models built with VCML plug into your pre-existing virtual platform seamlessly.

FTL Fast Translator Library

FTL is MachineWare's solution to provide high-performance, retargetable, functional Instruction Set Simulators (ISSs). Its extreme performance enables interactive debug and comprehensive test coverage of your target software stack all before getting near the hardware. FTL fuels SIM-V's ultra-high simulation speed. FTL-based processor models can easily be integrated into any existing simulation or virtual prototyping environment. Out-of-the-box we support integrating into bare SystemC TLM-2.0 environments and our VCML-based simulators. Through VCML, FTL processor models may easily connect to standard software debuggers, such as GDB and Eclipse. Custom integrations into other simulation environments can be provided on demand.


QEMU Quick Emulator

You or your customers prefer QEMU? Next to VCML and FTL-based models, MachineWare offers consulting and modeling services in and around the QEMU ecosystem. We can model your system in QEMU or help you to perform this in house. Besides custom processor models, we also support integrating QEMU into SystemC TLM-2.0 simulations, so you can get the best of both worlds.