Our Virtual Prototypes simulate your hardware at bit-level accuracy, shortening development time and enhancing software security, stability, and quality.


RISC-V is a customizable, open-standard Instruction Set Architecture without license cost or legacy baggage, but with the flexibility to realize your ideas. Today’s most-used software stacks, such as Linux, Android and Chrome, already run on RISC-V and more are to follow - from Embedded to HPC. Get on board today.


Since established as an IEEE standard, SystemC has emerged as the de-facto simulation environment for virtualization of complex systems. Users value its proven modeling flexibility and vendor interoperability. Those are the reasons that SystemC is widely adopted as the number one virtual system design environment today.


Over the past decade, QEMU has become a fan-favorite of many companies due to its open-source nature and large developer community. It provides high-speed emulation of commonly used hardware, but lacks detail and interoperability. We offer a solution that enables integrating QEMU into standard SystemC.