Andes Technology

Eighteen years in business and a Founding Premier member of RISC-V International, Andes is a publicly-listed company (TWSE: 6533; SIN: US03420C2089; ISIN: US03420C1099) and a leading supplier of high-performance/low-power 32/64-bit embedded processor IP solutions, and the driving force in taking RISC-V mainstream. Andes’ fifth-generation AndeStar™ architecture adopted the RISC-V as the base. Its V5 RISC-V CPU families range from tiny 32-bit cores to advanced 64-bit Out-of-Order processors with DSP, FPU, Vector, Linux, superscalar, and/or multi/many-core capabilities.
The annual volume of Andes-Embedded SoCs has exceeded 3 billion in 2021 and continues to rise. By the end of 2022, the cumulative volume of Andes-Embedded™ SoCs has surpassed 12 billion.

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Ashling Microsystems Ltd.

Ashling have been a leading provider of Embedded Development Tools & Services since 1982 with design centres in Limerick Ireland and Kochi India and sales and support offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and America.
Ashling’s RiscFree™ SDK has become synonymous with the embedded market with over 30 years of tools experience resulting in a comprehensive SDK which includes an IDE, Debugger, Compiler, Debug & Trace Probes for RISC-V & Arm development with support for customisation & multi-core, heterogeneous environments.

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COSEDA Technologies GmbH

COSEDA Technologies is a leading provider of system-level software solutions for complex electronic hardware and software products. We provide our customers with the latest modeling and simulation technologies to cost-effectively manage new concepts for their innovative, complex and safety-critical products. Our technologies have a 25-year history and are used by leading semiconductor companies developing circuits for automotive, communications, energy and safety-critical applications, among others.

Lauterbach GmbH

For over 40 years, the world’s greatest technology companies have trusted Lauterbach’s unrivalled technical expertise, support and leading development tools: TRACE32®.
They are a suite of leading-edge hardware and software debug and trace components to analyze, optimize and certify all kinds of embedded systems. They are perfectly suited for all development phases from early pre-silicon development, up to product certification, and overhauling in the field. Together with other renowned companies, Lauterbach defined the Multi-Core Debug API (MCD) API to connect virtual or emulated targets to Lauterbach’s TRACE32® PowerView GUI.
Dedicated to enabling your future embedded innovations, Lauterbach and TRACE32® ensure great and, above all, successful product development, which is crucial for building our smart and sustainable world.

Nuclei System Technology

Established in 2018, Nuclei System Technology is a leading RISC-V CPU IP and solution vendor.

Starting from scratch, Nuclei has developed 4 general product lines (N/U and NX/UX), and 3 vertical product lines (NS, NA and NI):
N/U (SV32) are 32b processors aiming for edge computing, low power and IoT application;
NX/UX (SV39 and SV48) are 64b processors aiming for high-end applications like data center, networking, storage, etc.;
NS (Security) is designed for security application like payment and finance;
NA (Automotive) is specifically designed for automotive electronics functional safety application;
NI (Intelligence) is designed for high performance computing applications like AI.

As of today, Nuclei's CPU IP has been deployed to various markets, covering AI, automotive electronics, 5G communication, network security, storage, industrial control, MCU, IoT, etc. with more than 200 official customers.

Rapita Systems Ltd.

Established in 2004, Rapita provides on-target software verification tools and services globally to the embedded aerospace and automotive electronics industries. Our solutions help to increase software quality, deliver evidence to meet safety and certification objectives and reduce project costs.

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SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH

SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH has three decades of experience in embedded systems, producing cutting-edge RTOS and software libraries, J-Link and J-Trace debug and trace probes, a line of flasher in-system programmers and software development tools.
SEGGER's all-in-one solution emPower OS provides an RTOS plus a complete spectrum of software libraries including communication, security, data compression and storage, user interface software and more. Using emPower OS gives developers a head start, benefiting from decades of experience in the industry.
SEGGER's professional embedded development software and tools are simple in design, optimized for embedded systems, and support the entire embedded system development process through affordable, high-quality, flexible and easy-to-use tools.
The company was founded by Rolf Segger in 1992, is privately held, and is growing steadily. SEGGER also has a U.S. office in the Boston area and branch operations in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, and the UK, plus distributors on most continents, making SEGGER’s full product range available worldwide.

In short, SEGGER has a full set of tools for embedded systems, offers support through the entire development process, and has decades of experience as the Embedded Experts.
In addition, SEGGER software is not covered by an open-source or required-attribution license and can be integrated in any commercial or proprietary product, without the obligation to disclose the combined source.
Finally, SEGGER offers stability in an often volatile industry, making SEGGER a very reliable partner for long-term relationships.

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TASKING Germany GmbH

TASKING is a leading provider of development tools headquartered in Munich, Germany, offering high-performance, high quality, safety & security-oriented embedded software development tools for multi-core architectures. TASKING's development tools are used by automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as in adjacent markets around the world to realize high-performance applications in safety-critical areas.
The TASKING Embedded Software Development solutions provide an industry-leading ecosystem for your entire software development process. Each TASKING compiler is designed for a certain architecture and meets the specific requirements of your industry, including automotive, industrial, telecommunications and datacom. As the recognized leader in high-quality, feature- and safety-compliant embedded software development tools, TASKING enables you to create code with best-in-class size and performance with compilers, debuggers and RTOS support for industry-leading microprocessors and microcontrollers.
Since February 2021, TASKING has been majority-owned by financial investor FSN Capital, which has put the group on a long-term growth path following a successful carve-out.

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