MachineWare is built on decades of experience in ultra-fast, interoperable simulation technology. Leverage our solutions to jumpstart your RISC-V project and begin development now.


SIM-V™ is our ultra-fast, functional RISC-V instruction set simulator. It enables you to verify your RISC-V software before hardware becomes available. Its rapid simulation speed reduces test runtimes, enabling your teams to reap detailed results sooner. All the while reducing energy consumption and saving time and money.

Simulating just the CPU might not be sufficient to cover all your use cases. Simulate your entire SoC by integrating SIM-V™ into a full-system simulator or Virtual Platform (VP). We offer starting point VPs for high-performance and embedded target applications based on our open-source modeling library VCML. By using VCML you can integrate our models into any SystemC-compatible simulation environment.
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SIM-V™ Extension SDK

Customizability is at the h(e)art of RISC-V. With our intuitive SIM-V™ extension SDK you can quickly add custom instructions and registers to SIM-V™. Simply plug your extension into our RISC-V reference model and get immediate feedback on your design choices.
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ARM remains the predominant choice for embedded architecture. Take advantage of our high-speed ARM simulation models, to expedite the launch of your ARM-based product.


SIM-A™, our cutting-edge, high-speed ARM instruction set simulator, is specifically designed to target ARM Cortex-M and Cortex-A architectures. Leveraging the groundbreaking FTL technology of MachineWare, it empowers you to thoroughly validate your ARM software even before the hardware is accessible. With its exceptional simulation speed, SIM-A™ significantly shortens test durations, allowing your teams to access comprehensive results more quickly. This not only conserves energy but also leads to substantial time and cost savings.


Nothing is faster than silicon! When chips are available, executing target software natively (ARM-on-ARM) outclasses any instruction set simulator. Our solution combines native execution with the rich introspection and analysis capabilities of a Virtual Platform (VP) at rocket speed. Thanks to SystemC’s interoperability, you can seamlessly switch between silicon and simulator at any point.


Besides ultra-fast instruction set simulators for RISC-V, ARM and custom processor architectures, MachineWare offers even more exciting simulation products that accelerate your design.


QEMU is a popular open-source simulator with a large library of processor and peripheral models. However, it is limited in flexibility as it offers no standardized interfaces. QBox (Qemu in SystemC Box) extends QEMU with SystemC TLM-2.0 interfaces, enabling the usage of QEMU processor and peripheral models in any SystemC TLM-2.0 simulation.
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InSCight™ is MachineWare's solution for profiling Virtual Platforms (VPs). It consists of two parts: The MachineWare SystemC simulation kernel that logs simulation data into a database during simulation runtime, and a desktop application that can load this simulation database and visualize the simulation data. The product is used to profile simulations of Virtual Platforms, i.e., to analyze them dynamically. This makes it easy to find and fix logical errors and bottlenecks in the simulation, thus improving the quality of the simulation results and the simulation performance.
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Hardware-Accelerated Simulation

Relying solely on software simulation has its limits, as there will always be some inherent overhead. Achieving a significant boost in simulation speed necessitates the utilization of hardware acceleration by the simulation host. MachineWare provides various solutions for incorporating host hardware into the simulation process, thereby optimizing performance, all while maintaining compatibility with the SystemC TLM-2.0 standard.

Fast Processor Models

MachineWare processor models are based on our processor modeling toolkit FTL, which leverages Just-In-Time compilation techniques to maximize simulation performance. FTL is suitable for modeling many processor architectures. Contact us for modeling services and licensing options!